33. Poetry night in Velestovo:

On the Poetry Sunset

It started thirty-three years ago. This year, the Poetry nights in Velestovo were held from 20th August and will last till 22nd August, dedicated to  Risto Lazarov, and will be set the art exhibition “Father and son Upevce”.

Martin was also part of this such big event on the 20th of August while plating “Dance of Butterflies”, “Majka”, “Crveno Ezero”, “Born Again” – all of these compositions are originally composed and played by Martin Mileski.

More about the event here.

33 poetry night in velestovo Martin Mileski
“Simple and stern Macedonian song” is not part of the poetry in Velestovo, but it is something the poetry lovers would listen to to calm their souls. The collaboration with Jovan Cvetkoski, the reader of the soft verses, was a big joy for Martin.

Jovan brought the idea to collab and since then, we cherish Macedonian and foreign poetry via slow etno background music.

In the video you can hear the verses of Blaze Koneski, Charles Pierre Baudelaire, Slave G. Dimoski, Ante Poposki and Gorge Balashevich.